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General Info


An international research claims that a newborn infant is able to develop herself in 3 different aspects due to activities in water since she is not affected by the gravity unlike being on land.

1- It enhances the body and the brain.
2- Investigates her surroundings as moving freely in water and learns new experiences.
3- Enhances the brain functions regarding solving new issues and task completion.

There are 4 goals for infant swimming training.

  1. Ensuring the continuity of swimming and breath holding reflexes that are naturally adopted by the baby.
  2. Establishes the foundation of swimming and learning to master water.
  3. Learning water safety at a very young age.
  4. Instead of relying of the reflex of breath holding, learning deliberate breath holding.

The infant swimming training should be conducted by a parent and trainers must teach the correct methods to the parents, instead of infants. Turkish Swimming Federation provides certificates to trainers for children from 5 years old with targeting swimming techniques as well. The infant swimming trainers work for the goals specified above for infants from 2 months to 5 years old instead of swimming techniques. From 5 years old and on the foundations are laid down to progress to desired style.

The infants’ requirements are very different compared to children’s, it is imperative to be trained by trainers that know how to communicate with children and certified for this type of training. Incorrectly trained infants and children will see adverse affects in the future. If the trainer does not provide training that is in line with the age and personality of the infant, she may grow up to be an individual that is afraid of water. 

Since games contribute positively to infants’ and children’s mental, physical, social and emotional growth, is an important aspect of learning and development. Games ensure children to learn about and communicate with the social world that they live in at a very small age. Swimming trainers for 0-5 ages take great care how the infants and children at this age bracket learn and which topics to be emphasized as the lessons are planned. They aim to offer qualified lectures that is in line with the targeted age group and includes the parent. Make sure you get training from institutions and individuals that hold an infant swimming certificate.