Why not pursue a career as INFANT SWIMMING TRAINER?

Would you like to contribute to infant development in this unique field of vocation?

To be an infant swimming trainer

  • Love babies and water.
  • The willingness to teach the infants life saving and swimming principles that may learn throughout their lives.
  • The willingness to provide professional and quality lectures.
  • Age of 18 and over.
  • Learnt how to swim and be comfortable.
  • Free of any health issues or physical illnesses in order to be active and able for long hours.
  • Project the dynamism and enthusiasm to children.
  • Open to self development and creative.
  • You don’t require to go through an exhausting process of training in order to be a trainer.
  • You don’t have to have a diploma of preschool education.

You may have noticed that the infant swimming trainers always smile. To watch the happy face of the baby that will dive into water for the first time or the excitement of the parents learning to let their babies to dive in the water for the first time... or witnessing the happiness of a 3 year old kid, who would first be afraid of the water but now having fun at the pool by himself... 


The field of work that offers tremendous prizes and fulfillment. It is a career that you may pursue while you manage your other professional or private life.  You can offer training for a few days or hours in a week without the need of your own pool.  As you pursue a career that saves lives, you can enjoy your own career.