About Me

About Me



I always wished to be born as a mermaid. I believe water has miraculous effects on people.


After being trained in USA about preschool infant training and development, I am working in different areas connected to children for 20 years. With a soul of an entrepreneur and the love for children, I have witnessed the greatest memories for 7 years as the first labor photographer.


After a few years following the birth of my son, I have completed my training with enthusiasm to introduce Turkey a new topic. As Turkey being a great peninsula, increased amount of pools at building complexes and summer homes and to ensure the safety and health of children, I have started teaching fundamentals of swimming and water safety training. I have established branches in 10 different provinces as Aquababies Turkey franchise representative.


I am the trainer for the swimming trainers of 0 - 5 year olds. My love of my life and my supporting rock, my husband and I are living in İzmir. As we prepare our 3 sons to life, we are able to share our love for the sea with them.


I am looking forward to lead in the field of baby swimming field that is rapidly growing and to give the upcoming generations to meet with water as soon as they are born.


8 Years Experience | 60 Students | 30 Courses